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Models / Ruckus

Avg Rating: 3.6

Ruckus Vital Stats:
Height:  6'1"
Weight:  185 lbs
Wrestling Name:  Rampage
Wins:  10
Losses:  4

Ruckus Updates

Rebecca Vanguard vs Ruckus
Rebecca Vanguard, Ruckus
117 Photos, 44 min of video
Poor Rebecca Vanguard has not had any luck winning matches on our mats. So she has called out Ruckus after seeing his first few matches where he lost and thinks that because she's long and lean, he might have trouble with her. Rebecca uses her long beautiful legs to get some sweeps and get top position and take advantage of Ruckus while he's pinned. However, Ruckus has a lot more experience than Rebecca and those first matches he lost are long in the past. Ruckus shows how he's evolved his game. He's learned from his losses and he's ready to slay some pussy today. This is a true sex fight with back-and-forth passionate snuggle struggling. The winner fucks the loser against the wall and on the bench. Rebecca takes the cock she's been chasing for 3 rounds and she loves it.

Tags: Blow Jobs Cum On Pussy Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Male Wins Penetration Tall Girl Winner Fucks Loser
Daisy Ducati and Ruckus 3
Daisy Ducati, Ruckus
92 Photos, 59 min of video
This is a rubber match between Daisy and Ruckus. Sometimes Ruckus wins and sometimes Daisy wins, and sometimes it's a tie and we go into a tie breaker only for another rematch to be demanded to settle the score. Today Ruckus and Daisy go full competitive, trying out submissions and dominating pins on each other to solidify their victory but after 3 crazy back and forth rounds, the judges decide this needs to go to a Tie Breaker. Daisy is the queen of orgasm infliction. But Ruckus is the King to seduction. Do not miss this match with anal on the line. Both sexual Athletes put their ass up for the prize if they lose.

Tags: Blow Jobs Creampie Facesitting Humiliation Interracial Pegging Penetration Tall Girl Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Kaiia Eve vs Ruckus
Kaiia Eve, Ruckus
125 Photos, 44 min of video
Kaiia Eve thinks she can slay the giant, Ruckus. Now Kaiia has shown some skill lately. She's getting very proficient at the wrestling with sex....especially the sex part. Ruckus has a huge size and strength advantage but Kaiia is kinky and she has heart. This match is fun to watch. When Kaiis is on top, she's a total brat, when Kaiia in on the bottom, she's a kinky brat. The chemistry between these two is palpable which makes every minute of this match fun to watch. Only one can win. The winner face fucks the loser. This match ends in a creampie

Tags: Blow Jobs Creampie Fingers In The Pussy Hair Pulling Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Male Wins Penetration Throatfuck Winner Fucks Loser
Agatha Delicious vs Ruckus
Agatha Delicious, Ruckus
130 Photos, 50 min of video
HOLY SHIT! that's all that needs to be said but don't take my word for it. Watch this incredibly technical battle between two long, lean sexual gladiators. The sexual energy is palpable today. Both of these sex athletes are willing to do anything to win. There's a chess game in the rounds, Each wrestler gets a good position only to lose it. Going for sexual points sometimes has the wrestlers lose their position. This match is a tie at the end of round 3 and it goes to tie breaker. This tie breaker is intense, just when you think you know who is about to cum, you are surprised with twist. Winner makes the loser worship their body and please them

Tags: Blow Jobs Choke Fucking Creampie Facesitting Humiliation Penetration Tall Girl Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Bella Rossi vs Ruckus 2
Bella Rossi, Ruckus
85 Photos, 42 min of video
in the early days of Evolved Fights, Bella Rossi Destroyed Ruckus in their first match up. Today Ruckus gets the chance to redeem himself. Bella is the ONLY female wrestler to be able to win via Orgasm on the mat in round 3 of a match ( see her match with Marcelo). This proves that she is an incredible sex fighter and that you should never count her out even if the scoreboard doesn't favor her. Today, Ruckus needs to avenge his loss and he will stop at nothing to make that happen but he may have no chance if Bella gets that O in the 3rd round. This is an incredibly sexy fight with sexual gladiators that have true chemistry. But only one can win and fuck the loser. The loser is fucked good and hard against the wall and on the bench and sprayed with cum at the end.

Tags: Armpit Big Boobs Blow Jobs Cum on Tits Hair Pulling Leg Scissor Squeeze Male Wins Penetration Winner Fucks Loser
CREAMpies of 2021
AJ Fresh, Aria Khaide, Avery Jane, Bella Rossi
138 Photos, 66 min of video
This week we have a compilation of your favorite endings, the Creampie, next week we return with an all new update. There is something very primal about putting your seed inside your opponent after you defeat them mentally, physically and sexually. But it's even more primal when the winner is the female and she takes the loser male's cum from him while he's trapped on the mats. We have the best of 2021 creampie finishes all in one video

Tags: Blow Jobs Compilations Creampie Facesitting Hair Pulling Interracial Penetration
Rocky Emerson vs Ruckus
Rocky Emerson, Ruckus
126 Photos, 41 min of video
Sometimes one match up is so hot it deserves to have a rematch. Today, our tall athletes, Ruckus and Rocky Emerson, get their rematch. This time, one wrestler wants to drill it into their opponent that they are superior and they deserve to fuck the loser how they want. These two long tattooed bodies look incredible pinned up against each other. It's moving art, as they rub and undulate on each other. The wrestling is nothing compared to the prize round however. Round 4 is where this gem shines. The winner fucks the loser against the wall, choking and teasing the poor loser. Then the loser is lift and carried into the showers where they are fucked standing then dragged into the locker room where rocky uses her beautiful feet to jerk ruckus off until he cums on her toes

Tags: Armpit Choke Fucking Cum On Feet Fit Women Footjob Humiliation Lift And Carry Male Wins Penetration Tall Girl Winner Fucks Loser
Sophia Locke vs Ruckus
Ruckus, Sophia Locke
156 Photos, 44 min of video
Ruckus is on a rampage. He knows his butthole is in jeopardy today if he loses so he's working extra hard to solidify his victory. Today he's taking on a stacked fit redhead, Sophia Locke. Sophia is known for being a submissive slut but on the mats, she means business. This is an incredible sex fight between two sexual gladiators who put everything on the line for our entertainment. This is a hard fought erotic match but in the end, only one can win. The loser is fucked hard against the all. Ruckus has his dick drained with a cream pie ending.

Tags: Blow Jobs Choke Fucking Creampie Fingers In The Pussy Leg Scissor Squeeze Male Wins Penetration Winner Fucks Loser
Andre Shakti vs Ruckus
Andre Shakti, Ruckus
130 Photos, 45 min of video
HOLY FUCK! that's all we need to say. How does Ruckus get all his opponents to come at him so hard and with so much intensity. The Ladies just love this guy and he brings the best out of every one he's fought. This match is one of the most intense matches to date and it has a surprise ending. Andre Shakti makes her debut on Evolved Fights. She has wrestled for many years and is well known in the fetish wrestling world and today you all get to see her in all her glory. She is an instant star from the moment she steps on the mats. She taps out Ruckus multiple times. Ruckus' spirit is destroyed by the power and skill of Andre. The winner is called after 3 rounds of wrestling. The winner takes sweet sweet romantic, sensual vengeance on their opponent. This Fight ends with a Creampie

Tags: Blow Jobs Choke Fucking Creampie Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Male Wins Penetration Winner Fucks Loser
London River vs Ruckus
London River, Ruckus
100 Photos, 40 min of video
"Rampage" Ruckus is back after some time off. He has a little ring rush but he's confident hes going to destroy this tall, blond, big tittied, MILF, London River. London has been very physically active lately. She's been doing outdoor sports and dancing and her upper body is strong as hell. These two tall athletes take their time feeling each other out. Their reach is so long, both are able to grab genitals from any position. This round goes all 3 rounds. The winner take the loser. The loser is fucked face smashed into the wall. The loser is dragged to a bench and fucked hard until their eyes roll back in their head. The loser must lick and sniff the asshole on the winner until the winner cums.

Tags: Ass Eating Big Boobs Blow Jobs Choke Fucking Cum on Tits Humiliation Male Wins Penetration Winner Fucks Loser
Daisy Ducati vs Ruckus II
Daisy Ducati, Ruckus
65 Photos, 48 min of video
This is a rematch between Daisy Ducati and Ruckus. Their first match is one of the greatest of all time sex fights in the history of the world. As a gift to the world, we have made that video viewable for FREE here ( click the trailer and the full match will start playing) https://evolvedfights.com/updates/Daisy-Ducati-vs-Ruckus.html This first match was a nail bitter. It was one of our first ever Ties that lead to a tie breaker sex fight. Today these two want to settle this score. Someone wants a definitive win today and both of these sexual gladiators are going all out to get their victory. Both athletes have put their assholes on the line for the prize. If you lose, your butthole is pounded. One of these wrestlers utterly dominates for a convincing W. The winner dominates the loser by making the loser worship their muscles and feet. Ruckus is given the most perfect footjob. The loser is then finished off with an ass fucking.

Tags: Ass Eating Facesitting Footjob Hand Job Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Pegging Penetration Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Amilia Onyx vs. Ruckus
Amilia Onyx, Ruckus
65 Photos, 48 min of video
Amelia Onyx is back and hopes to remain undefeated. She clobbered the first guy she fought here and she plans on taking down another one. Ruckus hasn't been on the mats in a while. He's got a little ring rust. Meanwhile, this curvy Goth babe, Amelia has been training and working her strapon skills. This match is close. Two of the rounds are tied. One wrestler takes the W by 1pt. The loser gets on their knees and pleases the winner then the loser is fucked like a little bitch

Tags: Blow Jobs Cum Eating Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Male Wins Penetration Winner Fucks Loser
Tie Breaker Compilation
Alexa Nova, Bella Rossi, Daisy Ducati, Fluffy
43 Photos, 46 min of video
Draws do not happen very often on our site but they do happen. When the wrestling segment ends with a tie, our wrestlers must enter into a tiebreaker. Sometimes it's "first submission wins" but usually it's "first to cum loses". These tie breakers are what Real Sex fighting is all about. The wrestlers must have mutual sexual contact at all time to keep things fair. Obviously if the female is on her knees just sucking the guy's cock while he stands there doing nothing, that wouldn't be fair. It would be highly unlikely the female would orgasm from just giving Oral although it is possible since the imagination does wonders towards the female orgasm. The best part of the tie breaker rounds are that both wrestlers know that it all comes down to this one round. It's do or die. The wrestler go all out with their seduction skills to try to make their opponent cum and this makes for some really erotic moments. These are the best of the tie breakers! Amazing sexual energy through out all segments!

Tags: Blow Jobs Compilations Creampie Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser
Daisy Ducati vs Ruckus FREE
Daisy Ducati, Ruckus
110 Photos, 56 min of video
Prison Rules Match. No HOLES Barred. That's right folks, today is prison rules which means the loser absolutely MUST get fucked in the asshole. No holes are off limits' no holes barred. This is one of the most equal matches to dates. The first round is tied 10-10 ( a first for Evolved) ties happen only when the judges feel both opponents were sexually aggressive and displayed good wrestling offense and defense. Round 2 is given to Daisy because she's a horny slut and loves to grab dick and suck it when ever she can. Round 3 goes to Ruckus because he too is a horny slut who likes to have his dick grabbed. Ruckus is the first man to get the tip of his cock in a pussy while doing the wrestling. Daisy Ducati is the first girl to lay her opponent on his back for the 20 second penalty and get on top of him and fuck his pathetic penalized dick. By the end of round 3, we have a draw, 29-29. The decision means that the winner will be determined by a sex fight. The wrestlers are given a time limit to fuck each other. The Rules of the sex fight is all sex activity must be simultaneous so that no one opponent is given a major advantage. Simultaneous sex act include fucking ( both genitals are...

Tags: Anal Blow Jobs Choke Fucking Cum On Ass Facesitting Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Male Wins Sex On The Mat Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser
Bella Rossi vs Ruckus
Bella Rossi, Ruckus
115 Photos, 54 min of video
Poor Bella Rossi hasn't been able to get a break with the Evolved Figths rules. She lost to Shawn Fox, she lost to MaX Blunts and today, it looks like she may meet her match with Ruckus. Ruckus, Rampage has had a nice debut on Evoled Fights with a sexy, mean victory over Rocky Emerson. We know that if Ruckus Wins we are going to see some Ass sniffing and ball licking. We have yet to see what Bella likes to do when she wins. Today Bella puts it all out there. She rolls harder than she has ever fought before. These two sex athletes have a lot of leggy holds and they love to pin each other. While it's arguable that one wrestler is a stronger wrestler in the match, it is just as arguable that the other is a better sex fighter. We have unique rules here and our judges need to see sexual aggresssion and no timidity. If any weakness is shown, it's sure to make the judges think you're a little bitch and judge against you. One of these sex fighters just wants the "W" a little more than their opponent. The winner is called and the winner gets their orgam, the way he or she wants it.

Tags: Ass Eating Body Scissors Cum on Tits Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Leg Scissor Squeeze Tit Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Ruckus Vs Rocky Emerson
Rocky Emerson, Ruckus
130 Photos, 43 min of video
Rocky Emerson is a 6'2 Goddess with long limbs that can wrap you up and squeeze the life out of you. Ruckus is a 6'1 tatted out stud who's really good with his hands. He's great at building things, but he's also great at tearing things down. Today he plans on tearing down Rocky mentally and physically. This is a hard fought battle between two giant combatants. Rocky has some sweet leg scissors that she is able to sweep and choke Ruckus with, but Ruckus has a ridiculous "small package" hold with which he is able to wrap Rocky in to get his pin and sex fight points. The Winner totally dominates the Loser in wrestling, and this means that for the Prize round the Winner has earned the privilege of humiliating the loser with horrible things like sweaty asshole sniffing and licking, armpit sniffing and licking, lift and carries, and orgasm squirted into the face. It's too bad the Loser enjoys every second of the humiliation. After all, These wrestlers sign up for winner fucks loser ending and they know exactly what the consequences are. They may not like losing, but they love being taken as a prize.

Tags: Ass Eating Blow Jobs Facial Foot Domination Hair Pulling Male Wins Penetration Winner Fucks Loser


How is it that he can beat Daisy Ducati when more athletic and better trained men such as Rick Fantana, Will Tile, and Chad Diamond have lost to or tied with less capable opponents than her? Yes, he’s taller and heavier, and yes he’s sexually aggressive, but I can’t believe those make up for lack of skill or poor cardio. Heck, Ruckus’ performance against Daisy was pretty much the same as Max Blunts’ against Bella Rossi (Bella and Daisy are about equal, right?). It makes no sense given that Ruckus shares Max’s cardio weakness and lacks the same bulk or skill. How is this possible?