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Models / Sam Solo

Avg Rating: 2.7

Sam Solo Vital Stats:
Age:  33
Height:  5'7"
Weight:  140 lbs
Wrestling Name:  The Snake
Wins:  0
Losses:  8
Home town:  Oakland, CA

Sam Solo Updates

Carmen Valentina vs Sam Solo 2
Carmen Valentina, Sam Solo
128 Photos, 43 min of video
Sam Solo is back and calling girls out for rematches because he's butt hurt about losing and wants to avenge himself. He's been training a bit and he's out for redemption today against Carmen Valentina. These two met on our mats years back. Both of these sex athletes have evolved their sex fight games a lot since their first match and both are here to dominate the other. Carmen pushes the pace the first two rounds and Sam knows he needs to do something big in round 3. Sam is willing to put himself in dangerous positions in order to get Carmen aroused and cumming. This prize round ends in a creampie, the winner gets to torment the loser with embarrassing trash talk and steals a creampie.

Tags: Choke Fucking Creampie Facesitting Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Penetration Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Juliette March vs Sam Solo
Juliette March, Sam Solo
110 Photos, 40 min of video
Juliette March and Sam Solo have a sibling kind of relationship in the sense that they are brats to each other and love to trash talk to each other. Sam is tired of losing so he's been training to ensure he can dominate little slutty Juliette. Juliette thinks Sam is pathetic and claims he's a virgin. She claims she will take his virginity. These two are brutal to each other. Sam gets Juliette in some brutal holds and she comes back at him hard. Juliette is dominant in rounds 2 and 3 but do not count Sam out. He gets on top of her in round 3 and it looks like there may be a cum from behind victory for Sam. You do not want to miss this match. The chemistry is undeniable. The Trash talk is second to none. The 4th round is an excellent seduction to build up. This fight ends in a creampie but the winner wasn't expecting it so this makes for some more behind-the-scenes punishment for the loser.

Tags: Armpit Creampie Facesitting Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Lift And Carry Muscle Worship Penetration Reverse Head Scissors Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
CREAMpies of 2021
AJ Fresh, Aria Khaide, Avery Jane, Bella Rossi
138 Photos, 66 min of video
This week we have a compilation of your favorite endings, the Creampie, next week we return with an all new update. There is something very primal about putting your seed inside your opponent after you defeat them mentally, physically and sexually. But it's even more primal when the winner is the female and she takes the loser male's cum from him while he's trapped on the mats. We have the best of 2021 creampie finishes all in one video

Tags: Blow Jobs Compilations Creampie Facesitting Hair Pulling Interracial Penetration
Cheyenne Jewel vs Sam Solo
Cheyenne Jewel, Sam Solo
140 Photos, 41 min of video
Sam Solo has been calling Cheyenne Jewel out for some time on Evolved. Apparently these two have wrestled each other in the past and Cheyenne beat Sam so Sam has been waiting for a rematch so he can finally destroy Cheyenne. Sam thinks that with our Sex fighting rules that he will be able to seduce Cheyenne and dominate her. Cheyenne has no worries about Sam. He has yet to prove himself and she in laughing at him and his confidence. The wrestling is great today, Sam gives it his all. This match goes the distance. The winner gets to fuck the loser in the asshole. Muscle are worshiped, Trash is talked, Feet are worshiped and the loser is lifted and carried off the mats like a real loser.

Tags: Blow Jobs Facesitting Foot Worship Humiliation Lift And Carry Muscle Worship Reverse Head Scissors Strap On Fucking Toe Sucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Carmen Valentina vs Sam Solo
Carmen Valentina, Sam Solo
107 Photos, 39 min of video
Booty Drop, Carmen Valentina is back on the mats after a long time away. She's taking on Mr. Sam Solo who has been making gains during all of this COVID madness. Carmen uses her patented Booty Drop Move to distract Sam and get him where she wants him. Sam uses his wrestling single and double leg take downs to try to get an advantage on Carmen. The wrestling is intense but the sexual play even more intense. This fight goes the distance. The Winner makes the loser worship the winner ass. Loser must lick and sniff all the sweat off the winner's ass. Sam gets his dick drained with a creampie ending for this round 4.

Tags: Ass Eating CBT Creampie Facesitting Leg Scissor Squeeze Penetration Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Ella Nova vs Sam Solo
Ella Nova, Sam Solo
45 Photos, 27 min of video
Ella Nova and Sam Solo are step siblings stuck at home together. They are playing a friendly game but things quickly start to escalate. Sam challenges this beautiful blond and she gladly accepts. The two wrestle in the apartment with each getting the upper hand on the other for brief moments. Please enjoy a "BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS" apartment style wrestling match to change things up a bit this week. Next week we will be back to our normal format with a match from our stockpile with Oliver Davis vs. Avery Black

Tags: Facesitting Hand Job Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze
Tori Avano vs Sam Solo
Sam Solo, Tori Avano
91 Photos, 41 min of video
We bring the jungle to the mats today. "The Snake ", Sam Solo want to wrap up and constrict "The Panda" Tori Avano is this competitive sex fight. Mr. Sam Solo is tired of being walked all over. He's gone out and done some training which become very clear in round 1 when he dominates the panda. The Panda hasn't had the best luck on the mats. We keep throwing big strong skilled men at here. Today we give her a less experienced opponent, so she can pick on someone her own size.

Tags: Armpit Choke Fucking Creampie Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Penny Barber vs Sam Solo
Penny Barber, Sam Solo
97 Photos, 48 min of video
Everyone's favorite Mother is back on the mats. A real authentic MILF with supple breasts and a mouth that would make a sailor blush, Penny Barber is here today to squash a little man. Sam Solo is pretty pissed off after his last loss. He works extensively with Penny Barber and vows to beat her and put her in her place for all the embarrassment she has put him through. Sam has been watching Penny's moves and taking notes. He knows she has a history of having orgasms on the Mats so he's hoping this will happen in round 3 so he can get is Instant victory. Penny Barber doesn't mess around in this match. Take a look at their arm wrestling match once it uploads. You see Penny resort to cheating by spitting into Sam's eyes to distract him from arm wrestling! She wants to win at all costs and as the adage goes " If you're not cheating, you're not trying". Penny shows no honor in this match. She pounces on Sam and gets him to tap over and over again in the first round. In the penalty she makes him take her fingers in his ass even though he appears to be reluctant to them....but in they go, grinding away at his pure little ass. Sam is smart and has a good strategy? will it work? Will Sam get...

Tags: Ass Eating Facesitting Footjob Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Squirting Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Daisy Ducati vs Sam Solo
Daisy Ducati, Sam Solo
23 Photos, 38 min of video
Daisy Ducati is a very experienced wrestler, known for her strong legs that could snap a man's head off! This is why she has the nickname "Lethal Legs". Sam Solo did some wrestling in high school but his experience isn't vast. He's significantly smaller and weaker than our beautiful Amazon Daisy Ducati. Sam Solo doesn't start out too well, as he gets trapped in Daisy Ducati's leg scissors and immediately feels her power. She crushes him so hard, he can barely breathe and from there, things get worse. Sam Solo is deemed useless for this match, as Daisy Ducati owns him entirely. She puts him in gift-wraps and holds him with her legs, controlling him and making him to choke himself with his own arm. The Prize Round is even more humiliation for this poor little weak man, as Daisy Ducati owns him physically and sexually. She sits on him and makes him worship the bottom of her dirty & sweaty feet. Loser Sam Solo is thrown down and made to worship winner Daisy Ducati while she flexes her powerful muscles.

Tags: Body Scissors Choke Fucking Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Fit Women Foot Domination Hand Gag Humiliation Intergender Wrestling Leg Scissor Squeeze Pegging Reverse Head Scissors Strap On Fucking Triangle Choke Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins


My favorite Evolved male fighter. He's like a guy-next-door, and really tries. Really hope to see more matches with him soon :-)
we do indeed have another match with him coming soon
Not my favorite. I really don't have a fetish for watching a guy get pegged in the ass. Why not a separate site for that? Or give those of us who like more conservative sex a separate space. I want to see some actual wrestlers, males who can dominate and erotically wrestle a female opponent and then make passionate love to her and make all his.
Sam doesn't do pegging, why would you put a comment suggesting he does on his model pic?
samo solo pegging
he does pegging now... hes such a wuss... put him against charlotte or brandi... let brandi fist him