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Models / Mistress Kara

Avg Rating: 4.0

Mistress Kara Vital Stats:
Age:  38
Height:  5'6"
Weight:  160 lbs
Wrestling Name:  The Valkyrie
Wins:  2
Losses:  2
Home town:  Los Angeles, CA

Mistress Kara Updates

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I would love to see Kara taking on one of the smaller guys (sam?, fluffy?) and totally dominating them in three rounds, tossing them around before claiming their asses in round 4.
I'm sure we can make that happen. Did you see her match with Willhavoc?
Would love to wrestle Kara
It would be fun to watch Kara wrestle your two weakest male wrestlers at once. I think she could win. We are also looking forward to her rematch with Jack.
I love when Kara loses! In my opinion there is no better spectacle than to witness the humiliation of this arrogant bitch.
its doesn't happen often so enjoy it while you can
I love when Kara loses! In my opinion there is no better spectacle than to witness the humiliation of this arrogant bitch.
Would love to see more Kara!
one thing that is sure is that the time flies quick, i remember Kara some years back in great sex fights. it was a good match. but what i want to see is a small turnament of the new girls that learning and the no so experiance boys and it is on if there is no butt sex. but it will be good i think.
I would love to see a mixed bondage wrestling match with Mistress Kara. That would be a great to incorporate more of that kind of bondage pegging type fedish, maybe forded chastity wile bound? That would be fun to see.
Still no miss Kara in 2019!!! Shes soo sexy and problably the no 1 female wrestler on Evolved. Bring her on the mats again, please.
Exactly right, She is the #1 female wrestler so everyone knows the outcome when she does wrestle...she's gonna win. It s hard to find men who are willing to try against her knowing they will inevitably lose. We do have a very good match with her coming for the holidays...stay tuned.
Great news! Kara turned into a dish that is now served for the holidays))) On the one hand - it is right, and on the other - I want to see more of her on the mats. I hope her opponents will be worthy and brave, to provide an opportunity to see her again defeated and humiliated.
I think Kara and Ariel need to fight on evolvedfightslez
Kara and will tile would be a good match I'm sure he is not afraid at all
I’m glad you don’t feature her often. She’s an insufferable winner and a sore loser.
Is EF male roster so poor that there is no one else to kick this swaggering Valkyrie's ass but her own husband?!? Soon Kara will appear more often as a referee than as a wrestler.
Kara is a powerful wrestler and very sexy. Top performance, I love it!
Hi Ariel. Im a long time member here, from day one. You told me under the first comment on this page, back in 2018, "I'm sure we can make that happen", to my request to do a match with Miss Kara and one of the smaller guys here, as fluffy and Sam solo. Well, its two years now and still no match. We members who enjoy female dominating a male i wrestling for real, is really struggling all thus year, with last 15 matches almost all maledom. Miss Kara is your best female wrestler. She is your strongest female here. And shes your best female pegger here, shes just fantastic and sexual dominant when she pegs a guy like no other girl here can do. Still you have only let her peg a guy once on the mats here, and it was her first match over two years ago. I think we loyal members deserves to see her outwrestle and victory-pegging a guy again after all this time. My dream match would be Miss Kara vs Sam Solo, with pegging and lift&carry in round 4, but i am sure she could defeat other guy here also. I would be very very happy if this was possible.
I'm sorry If I made you feel I could make anything happen. I have reached out to Kara for several bookings and she is allowed to pick and chose with whom she works. She has declined some shoots for personal reasons and I can not force any model to do anything. with that said, kara has retired from competitive wrestling so she will not be doing any more "evolved" matches. We can perhaps hire her for customs but I also can not FORCE her to work with anyone. Sam solo also doesn't do pegging so you will not see him in videos on this site with pegging. please respect our models' boundaries and limits.